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Behind the scenes

Brittany Davis started Brass + Blade in 2014 in her greenhouse in Oakland Ca where she makes leather bags one by one. While she grew up both hunting and crafting, she never put her two interests together until she learned to tan hides from deer, turning them into beautiful, versatile buckskin. This new skill led to an obsession with quality leathers of all kinds and the idea of bringing those leathers to others through beautiful, unique designs.  

Brass + Blade is a one-woman shop where each hide (mostly cow, bison and some sheep) is individually selected for quality and character then hand cut, the holes are punched, and then hand stitched into one of a kind pieces. 
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Making leather

Leather making is difficult, but very rewarding! If you are interested in acquiring the skills and knowledge to make buckskin there are many great resources, two of which are Buckskin: The Ancient Art of Braintanning, by Tamara Wilder and Steven Edholm, and Deerskin into Buckskin: How to Tan with Brains, Soap, or Eggs, by Matt Richards.
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